• Realize:  Reframe & redefine relationship shifting from the inside out.

  • Strategize: What needs to go? Get rid of it. What stays & needs a boost? 

5 Core Elements of Relationship ReSoulution

  • Identify:  What is the relationship conflict? What is in the way?

  • Energize: Personalized Anchor Statement & examination of opportunities for further expansion.

InnateHealthConcepts, LLC

​How may I pay?

Each $140 session fee may be paid by cash, check or most major credit cards.

​I'm in.  How do I book a session?

All sessions are custom-crafted to each individual client and will include IHC's Signature:

​So what happens in my session?

Oasis Healing Center
12114 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90066

​What is your office address again?



By Email:




Good News!  You have several options:

  • Clarify:  What is going on inside?  What are the old stories?

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